So what is this exactly?

Letters To Losers eventuated on a Friday evening with friends, when we began to reflect on the worst dates we’d been on and quickly realised we had quite the collection of ridiculous tales.

Yes, everyone claims that theirs is ‘the worst date of all time’, but some of these are just utterly insane. Almost too insane, which is why “quick, grab a laptop and start taking all this down!” was excitedly yelled across the living room, as the stories kept rolling and getting more and more absurd. Which, in hindsight, probably meant we should all have just taken a good hard look at ourselves and the men we have chosen to date over the years.... But that’s no fun.

So a list of stories was formed, and Letters to Losers was born - letters to the males who have provided us with this comedy gold that is too good not to share. Enjoy.

Who is this chick? 

Kirsty is a 27-year old PR executive who is addicted to coffee, porridge and correcting people’s grammar.

Originally from sunny Perth, Kirsty has spent some time living in Sydney enjoying life in the big smoke. When all the window-shopping at The Intersection became too much to bear, and the likelihood of wrapping her head around NRL went from slim to non-existent, Kirsty returned home to the west. Although the more expensive coffee is a downside, the plus is that the slower pace of Western Australia provides much more time to dedicate to this little beauty of a blog. Which is a massive win for you.

Letters To Losers is Kirsty’s collection of (hopefully) amusing dating disasters that are too good not to share.

You can follow her ramblings on Twitter at @kirstypetrides